Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally in most cases and the process is very easy. For orders outside the US, contact us at for a shipping quote. We can send you a digital invoice that can be paid with a credit card via Paypal or Stripe. Depending on the destination, the order will be fulfilled from our workshop in Brooklyn, or directly from our workshops in Italy. 

Where can I buy miduny products?

Our products are available in the shop section of our website, on or, if you are based in New York, at our Brooklyn studio. Contact us to set up a studio visit.

Can your products be customized?

All our products are made in small batches and we can provide customization on orders of 5 or more pieces. There is a substantial amount of labor required to set up a new custom product, and a minimum order of 5 allows to offset these set-up costs. We can customize color, material and size. Contact us at to request a quote.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

We believe our designs to be concise and essential, durable and versatile—this means that material is used efficiently and with the least amount of waste. We source our wood and plywood from FSC (forestry stewardship council) sources whenever possible and all our products are designed to ship flat, decreasing the carbon footprint.

Do you collect sale tax?

We collect sale tax for orders with a New York shipping address.

Who designs your products?

We design and prototype all our products in our Brooklyn workshops. When we feel a design is ready for production, we partner with family-owned workshops in Italy to produce small batches. Interacting with these master craftsmen the products inevitably get better.

Where are miduny products built?

All our products are designed in Brooklyn and Made in Italy by master craftsmen.

Why Italy?

The family-owned workshops we collaborate with in Northern Italy, house three generations of master craftsmen under one roof. The younger generation is fluent in digital fabrication, while the older generation retains invaluable knowledge of traditional details and techniques. This unique convergence allows our products to effortlessly incorporate both.

Why buy small-batch?

Our small-batch products are honest and authentic. Each design is developed with great care and built with passion. From the wood book-matching, to the sanding, to the finishing, the masterful touch of our craftsmen is visible in the final piece. We hand-stamp a unique serial number underneath each product tying it to the craftsmen that made it.