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MiMi Wood Stool in Orange and Walnut

MiMi Stool &
End Table.

From $958 (set of 2)


Jack of all trades. Master of some.

Part of the MiMi Series, this versatile stool or end table accents the home and office. Simple, angular geometry and painted facets add depth and sophistication while the carved or flat top accommodates your preference for seating or display. Versatility is the end game for the MiMi Stool & End Table and we encourage play as you mix and match the scenes of each room. Need a stand for greenery at home or optimizing the common area in your growing workplace? The master of minimalism and mischief, you’ll be confident the MiMi Stool & End Table always strikes the perfect tune.


The more the merrier.

The MiMi Stool + End Table is best suited in pairs of two or four to maximize configurations for tables and seating. The MiMi series legs are design to become visually one when placed side-by-side. Customers enjoy these charismatic stools and end tables when serving multiple functions or as an addition to the MiMi Table.


Product details.

Designer: Ale Preda

Material: 13-ply furniture-grade beech plywood with hardwood veneer at the top

Finishes: natural looking Rovere (Sessile Oak) paired with white accents; rich Noce Canaletto (Black Walnut) paired with orange or with charcoal accents

Availability Ships from Brooklyn in 8 weeks





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